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Our Environment

A positive environment is somewhere that is welcoming, reassuring, inclusive, safe and healthy; it is one in which children/young people can learn and develop to their best ability and potential.  ILM nursery understands the need for a enabling learning environment for all, therefore we create an environment that helps children to develop a sense of identity, become independent, to have the confidence to learn new skills and to feel a sense of belonging.

Our environment provides for the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs of the child.  We take into account the importance of: 

  • Nurturing relationships

 We provide consistent, responsive, loving care and education. Our skilled staff act as pillars for security, through our  key person approach, building relationships with parents/carers. We are focused on creating an emotional environment emphasising on wellbeing, positive affirmations, empowering and welcoming language.

  • Behaviour and routine

 We create  a familiar and established routine and procedures, clear rules and boundaries, predictable routines and behavioural expectations. This allows children to understand and learn about the cause and effect of their behaviour. 

  • The physical environment

ILM Nursery considers  indoor and outdoor environments,  exploring nature, space, natural light, resources, aesthetics, age appropriate resources and creating a sense of awe and wonder for children.  

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