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When it comes to providing an amazing early years environment, continuous improvement and progression is vital in delivering the best care and service to all.


ILM nursery understands and appreciates the importance of receiving valuable feedback and reviews from staff, parents/ carers, service users and external professionals. 

We welcome comments, feedback and reviews! 

" Staff are confident and use children's assessment information sharply, to help close gaps in children's learning. Consequently, all children, including the youngest and the most disadvantaged, make good progress from their starting points."      OFSTED 2021

" Staff are friendly and welcoming, the place is clean and hygienic, they are constant and diligent with all the COVID requirements, the management are great and have helped us out with all the information we needed. They have all (staff and management) been very responsive to our feedback and all our requests and demands."    Habibur R ( Parent) 

" Parents state they are extremely happy with the changes and improvements since the last inspection. They are delighted with the regular, detailed information they receive about their children's progress and how they can support their learning at home. They value the advice and support they receive on issues, such as managing their children's behaviour, toilet training and supporting their language skills. "  OFSTED 2021

" My son really enjoys is there he has a great bond with his key worker and the staff take the time to give us daily feedback as well any advice if we need it. They are very approachable. "  Ahmina B (Parent) 

" Staff swiftly identify any children with special educational needs and/or disabilities and children who speak English as an additional language. They place a high priority on supporting these children to settle and promote their development of communication and language skills. These children make good progress, enjoy the routine and make the most of what is on offer. "  OFSTED 2021

" My daughter attend this nursery. Nursery stuff very caring and friendly. My daughter leaned so many things there. Thank you all teacher for excellent service."   Luthfa A (Parent) 

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